Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I MISS YOU 31 March 2014 at 01:49 I miss you where the debris of my heart cruise in the vast lake of my chest I miss you in my life where my very detailed lies sway in the corners of my heart I miss you in this torn, blown away mind of mine that resist peace I miss you, miss everything we should be Pain scores, leaves bitter sound effects in the walls of my soul I wish I boxed my pride, iced my boiling aspirations I chose the footers of my dreams,ignored the headers that fed me bliss I miss you, miss your tongue, a cleaning agent against ailing creams It's in this place where love turns cold, Where torrents of pain flows, Positioned with a mocking, freezing memory, And where a free pain bite and sneeze This is where I war against dark, against colors of dim Another swing, another dead wish, a desire to trip off this layer of my heart Silence begins in the landscape deep Freezing lights blown away to the winds This is where laughter is missing, Just an endless depth of cold lies, With attractiveness that folds in ice dips, Solitude acne grown in depth sighs This area, far south in the arc of my heart Where peace cracks a light, a new hope, a new dawn, I miss you where cold blows high, Where torrents of pain run and sighs I miss you where the bullying love found its way into my heart, If I could seduce the clock, turn back the hands of time, Wrap your arms of love around my soul In this desperate area that needs a healing, I would in a bit But its a little too late, plant a blue rose in my grave One day we might meet in another place I with a sober love And a pride out of place We shall rise to our space A place our love will be a huge success 31/3/2014 Liz Leppy